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Our Products

Welcome to our Online Products listing! Our Nature Center is stocked with products that have been tested for the local birds that occur in Utah. We want you to be successful. If we recommend it you can be sure the birds will use it. Products that you will find in our Nature Center:

  • Bird Seed
  • Binoculars & Scopes
  • Feeders
  • Suet cakes
  • Bird Baths and water feature
  • And much, much more!

​Bird Seed

Black-Oil Sunflower Seed

Black oil Sunflower Seeds Black oil sunflower seed is the most important seed in any backyard bird feeding plan. Almost any bird that visits a bird feeder will readily eat black oil sunflower seeds. Many birds are attracted to black oil sunflower seed including house finches, grosbeaks, and chickadees.

It has high oil content along with a high fat content and provides a good energy boost for birds. The shell of the black oil sunflower seed is thin and easily broken by birds, even those with small beaks. Once opened, black oil sunflower seeds offer more nutrients than any other type of seed. The high oil content in black oil sunflower seed, along with the high fat content, provide instant energy for the birds that eat them – something that is of critical importance in winter bird-feeding. Our Patio Mix is our best selling blend. The birds love it and it will not sprout. The seed hulls have been removed, so there are no empty hulls left behind.

Nyjer Thistle Seed

Nyjer Thistle SeedFinches love Thistle! You’ll see them hanging from your thistle seed feeder in large numbers. We have special thistle seed feeders. American Goldfinch, Cassin’s finches, Pine Siskin and the Lesser Gold finches will be attracted to this seed.

Raw Peanuts

Raw PeanutsThis is a favorite of all the jays, including Stellar and Western Scrub Jay. Magpies and woodpeckers will come to peanuts.

Sunflower hearts/chips

Sunflower hearts/chipsMany varieties of backyard birds will come to sunflower hearts/chips. They are already hulled so all the birds can use them. There is no hull to leave behind and this seed will not grow. This is a great seed for putting in a window-feeder or you can use them in a tube-feeder.

Finch Feast

Finch Feast is an exceptional mixture of Nyjer, and Sunflower Hearts in a smaller grind that offers your backyard birds a high-energy food source. Packed with protein and essential nutrients, Finch Feast is easy to serve, popular during all seasons, and will continue to attract and retain those very valued visitors that you look forward to seeing.

This specially formulated feed is attractive to smaller-billed birds, especially American and Lesser Gold finches, siskin, juncos, house finch and spotted towhees. These are birds that thrive around human habitation. Feed Finch Feast and enjoy both a colorful plumage and a melodious song.

White Proso Millet

This seed is particularly attractive to ground feeding birds. The beautiful lazuli bunting favors it above all else. Towhees, White-crowned Sparrows, Dark-eyed Junco, native sparrows, California Quail and Mourning dove. Another incredibly beautiful bird species, tanagers, will devour white Proso millet even though they are not generally considered to be attracted to seeds at all.

Peanut Pieces

Peanuts attract some of the most entertaining birds of all the species seen at backyard bird feeders. The acrobatic antics and maneuvers of woodpeckers and chickadees make it worthwhile to offer peanuts in your habitat, but many other species love peanuts, too. Birds that love peanuts include siskin’s, finches, sparrows, doves, juncos, and especially jays – who love them so much they sometimes bury them for later consumption, if they can remember where they buried their “treasure!” Birds enjoy them so much that special “peanut feeders” now exist. See the models we carry.

Cracked Corn

Cracked Corn is essential in your bird’s diet because it contains protein AND fiber! It is also an extra source of heat for your birds feeding in the colder climates. Stock up for fall and winter.


Do you treat your backyard birds like extended family? Why not offer them an extraordinary treat! This high-protein, mealworms are an excellent addition to your backyard feeding plan. Many species enjoy these 3/4″ treats chickadees, goldfinches, house finches, woodpeckers and warblers. They are especially popular when nestlings are being fed, a great source of protein. If you haven’t used mealworms before you should know that they are NOT slimy, they don’t bite, they are easy to store and easy to feed from about any feeder. We encourage you to try mealworms to experience the joy and excitement of your birds devouring these delectable and healthy morsels. Mealworms are a perfect addition to a migratory bird’s diet. Send them on their way with a high-protein burst of extra energy and added warmth.